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Monday, July 22, 2019

Crochet Counter Caddy

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Here's a quick little problem solver for you: the "counter caddy".
I have a small stitch/row counter and it is very narrow, and doesn't stand up to well by itself. I like it to stand up, so as I'm working I can glance at the number. I try to prop it up, but when a row is inevitably done and I tap the counter- it topples over. Every time. It's such a pain. As I continue to work on my new afghan design (coming soon!) I contemplated what I could do to make this counter stand still and stay put.

I thought about cutting and hot gluing a cardboard stand, similar in shape to what I eventually crocheted. But I realized cardboard wouldn't last long, and it's ugly. The design is such that you can take the counter out and reset it as needed and then stick it back in its holder.

This quick and easy pattern uses Bernat Maker yarn which I LOVE. I must say, I always want to use a smaller hook than recommended for Bernat Maker. I feel like, if you crochet tightly, this yarn can really become something stiff and keep its shape. I love playing with it, and have tried my Market Wristlet in Bernat Maker as well. It comes out slightly bigger and has such a lux, sleek look to it!

My stitch counter is a clicker type, it's a Clover model in red with a clicker at the top and two side wheels to adjust the count as needed. It measures 1.5" across, 2.75" tall and 0.5" wide. The counter caddy fits this model perfectly and was custom crocheted to fit it. The caddy is worked in two pieces the top and the base.

Yarn: Bernat Maker Home Dec in Clay
Hook: G6/4mm
Working Tension: fairly TIGHT

Round 1: Chain 16 and sc in second st from hook, sc across 14, join to first sc made with a sl st and ch 1. (15 sts)

**Be sure to pause here and join the top of the first row as well. I prefer this method to joining the chain first, it eliminates the problem of twisted chain and trouble finding the last ch to crochet into. Additionally, when working in the round, I pull the join very tight, ch 1, and then make the first st of the next round in the same st as join.

Round 2: sc into each st around, join with a sl st, ch 1. (15 sts)

Rounds 3-4: repeat round 2

Round 5: working in front loop only make 2 sc into each st around, join, ch 1. (30 sts)

Round 6: (return to working in both loops) sc in each st around, join, ch 1. (30 sts)

Round 7: sc in each st around, join, ch 1. (30 sts) Fasten off.

The base begins with a chain, and both sides of the chain are worked, forming a round.

Round 1: ch 7, sc 2 in second ch from hook, sc 4, sc 3 in last ch, pivot work to stitch in back side of beginning chain, sc 4, sc 2 in the first ch (where you first sc 2) join with a sl st, ch 1. (15 sts)

Round 2: make 2 sc in each st around, join, ch 1. (30 sts)

Round 3: sc in each st around, join, do not ch 1, do not fasten off. (30 sts.)

With right side facing, align stitches of the base with the stitches in the last row of the top. Working through both layers, sl st the base to the top, evenly around. Join to first sl st made and fasten off!

Enjoy your handy dandy stitch counter caddy!

Love, Bethany