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Monday, April 24, 2017

Bitty Berries Sanitizer Holder

Hey there! We've just had Spring Break here in West Virginia, and we had a very relaxing week-and-a-half at home. The kids have enjoyed(?) a record only two snow days for the entire school year, so our break was way longer than usual for this time of year. We didn't have any specific plans, though it flew by anyway! 

I've been working on some home type accessories for you, to keep you crocheting through the warmer months, and brewing up some super ideas for when the weather turns again! For now, I offer the final installment of the Bitty Berries accessory series: a mini hand sanitizer bottle holder.

The holder features a strap of good length to wrap around almost any strap on a purse or backpack, and a button closure. Using Berry Stitch in the round, we create the perfect sized pouch for your tiny hand sanitizers on the go!

The holder was designed around the old style Bath and Bodyworks 1 ounce pocketbac bottle. I've just been told they redesigned the bottle, so it does not fit the newer style unfortunately. But, if you've got extras or other brands lying around, they may fit those as well! I believe the Purell travel size bottle is just about the same size. Please leave comments for others to benefit if you find other kinds of sanitizers that are the same relative shape or size and will fit in the holder.

Because we're working with a stitch that puffs out on the opposite side of the fabric than that which is facing while working, we're going to have to turn our rounds. I know! Turning totally defeats the purpose of working in the round! But remember, Berry stitches puff out on the wrong side, so we have to turn our work each time to ensure a nice straight seam of joins and so that all the berries face outward. Trust me, it'll be worth it- and you'll love the results!

Bitty Berries Sanitizer Holder Free Crochet Pattern

File_002 (2).jpeg

Difficulty: Easy
Hook: E4/3.5mm
Yarn: Red Heart With Love in Minty, or any worsted
Notions: yarn needle, 1” button
Gauge: 4x4 berry repeats = 2” square
Finished Measurements: 5.5" around, 3" tall, 6" strap

Special Stitches & abbreviations:
Berry Stitch- triple crochet, single crochet, repeat

Note: Holder is worked in turned rounds up to the strap which is worked in two rows. Strap secures with button closure on front of holder. Should fit most travel sized hand sanitizer bottles. This pattern was written using a “Bath and BodyWorks” 1 oz. PocketBac bottle of antibacterial hand gel for reference. The bottle used measures 2.25" tall from just below the cap, and 4.25" around at its widest point. Slightly over 3" tall from tip of cap to base.

Sanitizer Holder:

Chain 10, join with a sl st. Begin work with RS facing.
Round 1: ch 1, sc in each st around, join to first sc made with a sl st, ch 1. (10 sc)
Round 2: sc in each st around, join, ch 1. (10 sc)
Round 3: make 2 sc in each st around, join, ch 1, TURN. (20 sc)
Round 4: *tr, sc* repeat ** around, join, ch 1, turn. (10 berries made)
Round 5: sc in each st around, join, ch 1, turn. (20 sc)
Rounds 6-11: repeat rounds 4 & 5 three more times, for a total of four rounds of berry repeats.
Round 12: sc in each st around, join with a sl st, do not break yarn.


Continuing from last join at end of Round 12, chain 25

Row 1: sc in second ch from hook, and in each ch across, working back down towards holder (24 sc). Sl st in the next sc on top of the last round worked on holder, ch 1.

Row 2: sc in each st across, working back up towards end of strap (24 sc). At row end, ch 4, sl st to opposite corner of strap end in the first st. (buttonhole made). FO weave in ends.

  1. Sew button onto front of holder, opposite of strap. Weave in ends.
  2. Fill holder with a bottle of travel sized hand sanitizer and use strap to attach to any bag.

© Haute Kippy 2017

You may sell items made from this pattern, but you must credit Haute Kippy with the original design and provide my website for reference. You may not use my photographs to sell your items. Do not copy, distribute or repost this pattern in part or in whole, do not alter or redistribute this original work as your own. If you wish to share, you may link to my website only. Copying with intent to share is a form of theft and is a copyright infringement.

Original pattern “Bitty Berries Sanitizer Holder”  copyright Haute Kippy by Bethany Sypolt 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bitty Berries Checkbook

It's here! The Bitty Berries Coin Purse has been well received. It's so cute, and little, and useful. I just love it! Using a smaller hook size has really given us a tightly worked textile that ensures no spare change can slip through the cracks! Once I completed it, I knew I needed to make a checkbook cover in the same adorable pattern. If you are excited for the next installment in this adorable accessory design, then your wait is over because the Bitty Berries Checkbook cover free crochet pattern has arrived!

If you're still on a coin purse kick, and I don't blame you! (I could honestly make a dozen more!) There are several adorable designs to choose from on the best free pattern compilation website around, allfreecrochet.com. There you can find just about anything you desire to make, in a free pattern version!

For the checkbook:

Using the same berry stitch repeat, we'll create a soft and fluffy, fun texture for our checkbook. Single crochets in the back or front loop only, help create ribbed lines, delineating where the the checkbook should fold into it's different sections. Work in the same yarn as your coin purse, and make yourself or someone you love a matching set!

I am enjoying working in the berry stitch, and I think I might keep the momentum going. I really feel moved to make an entire Bitty Berries accessory line! The only question is, what accessory will be next? You tell me! Leave a comment below the pattern to make a suggestion or tell me which must have item in your bag needs an infusion of Bitty Berries! Let's see if great minds do indeed "think alike", are your ideas the same as mine!? We'll see!

Difficulty: Easy
Hook: E4/3.5mm
Yarn: Hobby Lobby Crafter's Secret in Pearl Fleck (pictured) or any worsted.
Notions: yarn needle
Gauge: 4x4 berry repeats = 2” square
Measurements: 3.5” across, 7” tall

Special Stitches & abbreviations:
Berry Stitch *tr, sc*- triple crochet, single crochet, repeat
Blo- back loop only
Flo- front loop only
RS- right side of work (side with berry texture)
WS- wrong side of work (back side)

Note: Check Book is worked in one piece from bottom to top, the bottom is folded up to become the back flap of the book and the top is folded down to become the front flap. The book is first edged, then folded and side seams slip stitched shut. Turning ch does not count as a st.


Chain 28
Row 1: sc into second ch from hook, and in each ch across, ch 1, turn. (27 sc)
Rows 2-11: sc into each st across, ch 1, turn. (27 sts)
Row 12: sc into the Flo of each st across, ch 1, turn.
Row 13: sc into the Blo of each st across, ch 1, turn.
Row 14: sc, *tr, sc*, repeat ** across, ch 1, turn. (13 berries made)
Row 15: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn. (27 sc)
Rows 16-26: repeat rows 14 and 15, three more times. (6 rows berries total)
Row 27: sc in Flo of each st across, ch 1, turn.
Rows 28 & 29: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn.
Row 30: sc in Blo of each st across, ch 1, turn.
Rows 31-42: repeat rows 14 and 15, six more times. (6 rows berries made)
Row 43: sc in Flo of each st across, ch 1, turn.
Row 44: sc in Blo of each st across, ch 1, turn.
Rows 45-55: sc in each st across, do not break yarn.

  1. Ch 1, Pivot work to crochet along raw edge. Keep right side facing. Sc evenly along the first raw edge of book, making 1 sc in the edge of each row up to foundation row. Ch 1, pivot work, sl st in each st along RS of foundation row. Ch1, pivot work, sc evenly along the second raw edge of book, making 1 sc in the edge of each row up to ending row. Ch 1, pivot work, sl st into first st of ending row. Fo, weave in ends.
  2. Using rib lines made by stitching in Flo and Blo as a guide, fold bottom and top edges (above and below berries) onto the WS of checkbook, align stitches.
  3. With WR of book facing, join yarn at corner, sl st  through both layers to secure the flap closed on that side, sl st in each st across along the side towards the other flap and through both layers again, across to other corner. Break yarn and repeat for other side.
  4. FO, Weave in all ends.

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