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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kip's Bun Hat

Hi friends! This post contains affiliate links.

The messy bun hat. It's viral, it's trending, it's everywhere. 

I first saw this hat in a shared post on facebook. It was a blonde girl, wearing a normal looking beanie, toboggan, skully hat- depending on what part of the country you're in. The yarn was variegated in jewel tones, and reminded me of Red Heart's Unforgettable in Stained Glass. Only, there was something different going on, she had a pile of blonde hair on top of her hat! What sorcery is this!? Imagine, a winter hat with a hole on top for people to pull their lengths of hair through. It's so simple its genius. Who came up with the first bun hat? I wish I knew. Great ideas like that become truly amazing when they go viral. Whoever that crocheter is, they must be awfully proud of themselves! That same picture I saw can be found with a pattern on Ravelry. Since seeing that first post, bun hats have blown up. Everyone is making them!

I admit I was intrigued at first, but I soon felt an aversion to the trend creeping around in my head as I mulled the idea. 

I'm going to tell you a secret. There are two things I really don't like crocheting: hats and scarves. I know, lame. I specialize in accessories, it's practically the only thing I do. Yet the two things I avoid making at all costs are the two most popular accessories that crocheters and knitters make and sell. There are reasons for this. A: I think scarves are boring. They are long, repetitive and take forever to make. I feel queasy just thinking about it. And 2: Everyone and their grandmother (literally) makes hats. I've seen table after table at craft shows of crocheted hats, and I want to be different. 

I want to make things people want but can't find. If I set up a vendor table somewhere (still waiting on an answer to the prayer of having my first table) I want to have unique and original designs that outshine plain ol' hats and scarves. Mostly I want to keep my creative juices flowing so that I can turn my new ideas into workable free patterns for all the crocheters out there. BUT, I also want to give the people what they want.

...And the people want MESSY BUN HATS! 

Sometimes when I'm creating a new design, I search for inspiration, I look at pictures and see what else is out there. This time, I shut my computer, got out the old pen and paper, and began to crochet. I wrote down my pattern round by round, and created it completely on the fly. Finally when I was done, I searched "bun hat" on Ravelry, and I'll be darned, not one of those hats looked anything like this one! This hat is a very unique design indeed, and I'm so pleased with it. I hope you will be too.

I'm not sure how other bun hats are constructed, like I said I went into the design process blind, but this hat is made from the top down, and starts with a pony tail hair elastic. I piggy backed off of my latest boot cuff pattern because I really like it when things match and people can have sets of accessories. From the top of the hat, we graduate down into the same bobble repeat as the Pom Pom Boot Cuffs. For the rim of the hat, another familiar pattern repeat- the ribbing from the Sweet Scallops Boot Cuffs. These signature design features make Kip's Bun Hat a fun addition to your Haute Kippy collection, or any accessory wardrobe.

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Kip's Bun Hat - FREE Crochet Pattern

Hook: H8/5MM
Yarn: Worsted
Gauge: 6 HDC = 2” OR 1 bobble repeat = 1”
Difficulty: Easy
Materials: 1 hair elastic, yarn needle

Here's a link for some hair ties that will work perfect with this pattern, just in case you don't have any laying around the house! 

Special Stitches:

Hdc Inc- half double crochet increase, make two hdc in the the next st

Bobble Stitch - yo, insert hook into next st, yo, draw up loop, yo, draw thru two loops, *yo, insert hook into same st, yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw thru two loops*, repeat** two more times, (5 loops on hook) yo, draw thru all loops. Bobble will poof out behind work.

Fpdc- front post double crochet: double crochet around the front of the post of the indicated stitch, instead of into the “v” on top of the stitch as usual.

Note: Ch 1 at beginning of round does not count as a stitch. Always make first stitch of round in same stitch as join & ch 1.


Join yarn to hair elastic, ch 1.

Round 1: Hdc 30 around hair elastic, join with a sl st to the first hdc, ch 1. Keep right side facing. (30 sts)

Round 2: *hdc, hdc, hdc inc*, repeat ** around, join, ch 1. (40 sts)

Round 3: *hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc inc*, repeat ** around, join, ch 1. (50 sts)

Round 4: *hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc, hdc inc*, repeat ** around, join, ch 1. (60 sts)

Round 5: hdc in each st around, join, ch 1. (60 sts)

Round 6: Turn work so wrong side is facing, sc in the first st, bobble in the next st, *sc, sc, bobble*, repeat ** around up to last st and sc in that last st, join, ch 1, turn. (20 bobbles)

Rounds 7 & 8: sc in each st around, join, ch 1. (60 sts)

Round 9: repeat round 6.

Rounds 10 &11: repeat rounds 7 & 8.

Round 12: repeat round 6.

Rounds 13 & 14: repeat rounds 7 & 8.

Round 15: Repeat round 6.

Rounds 16-18: With right side facing, hdc in each st around, join, ch 1, ch 2 for round 18. (60 sts)

Round 19: dc in each st around, join, ch 2. (60 sts)

Round 20: *dc, fpdc*, repeat ** around, join, ch 2. (60 sts)

Rounds 21: repeat round 20, do not ch 2 on last round.

Round 22: sl st loosely around rim of hat, join, fo, weave in ends.

© Haute Kippy 2017

You may sell items made from this pattern, but please be courteous, always credit Haute Kippy with the original design and link to my blog when possible Do not use my photographs to sell items.

Original pattern “Kip’s Bun Hat” copyright Haute Kippy by Bethany Sypolt 2017


  1. I am confused at the beginning did 30 hdc into the hair elastic then on round 2 I came up with 38 sts and no room for my last inc. Could you explain please.

    1. Nevermind I see where my confusion is I think I got it now

  2. Can someone share with me (in simple terms) how I can modify the hat so it’s closed on top? I don’t want the hole for the ponytail. Many thanks

    1. I'd just start with a magic ring increase until you have 60st around and continue with pattern.

  3. Help! I got through the first set of bobbles, then i did the 2 rounds of SC, but have 62/63 stitches which made the next set of bobbles uneven from the first.

  4. Had a problem figuring the dc, fpdc so ended up doing fpdc bpdc. Other than that it was easy and worked up quick