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Friday, October 12, 2018

It's a Scrunchie!

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Twenty-minute Scrunchie

Oh Scrunchies. They're back, along with all things 90's. If you're around my age- as in graduated high school at the millennium, as opposed to being born then, you know all about the 90's. I remember what I wore, what was cool, and I also remember a distinct 60's/70's trend resurgence around the time I was in middle school. I will never forget my mother, aghast, with me at a store, wishing she had held on to her old bell bottoms because she couldn't believe they were back in style. Everything old becomes new again.

I don't remember any specific trend recurrences during the 00's. I was a college student trying to reinvent myself and as a result, I routinely dressed like a weirdo. I can laugh about it now, but back then I thought I was "all that and a bag of chips" as they used to say. (As if!)

Now that I'm secure in my God-given identity I can look back fondly on the 90's and remember all the wacky things we wore without cringing too much. When I conjure up images of 90's fashion in my mind I think of block heels, chokers, baby-doll dresses, construction boots, spaghetti straps with a t-shirt underneath,  high waisted jeans, ringer tees, everything tied around the waist and shirts with multi-colored striped bands across the chest. If you're in your teens or twenties or know someone that age, what is being worn now is simply astounding. Flipping through a fashion magazine is like entering a time warp. It's like a "Friends" explosion, which was scrunchie-central if you didn't know!

I'll never forget Carrie Bradshaw berating her author boyfriend over the use of a scrunchie in his latest work of fiction. I can still recall her shrill voice, "A sca-rrrunchie!?"

Of course by 2003 when that episode of SATC aired, scrunchies were fashion non grata. I wouldn't have been caught dead in one then. (That was way harsh, Tai.) But some way, some how, miracle of miracles the illusive scrunchie has made its way back into favor.

Let's make one right now! Do you have twenty minutes and an elastic hair tie? I won't ask if you have any yarn. I KNOW you have yarn. Don't play with me about, "do you have any yarn laying around?" !

Dude! Let's like, totally do this!

Twenty Minute Scrunchie

Free Crochet Pattern!

This crochet pattern is so simple and so easy you don't even have to count. There's not even really a pattern, so I won't make it one. This is the simplest  thing to make, like ever! Seriously, if you have any proficiency at crochet whatsoever, this will only take about 20 minutes. Think of how many scrunchies you could make!

No counting,
No guage,
No pattern. 
Just Do It!

Step One:

Using H/8/5mm hook, join worsted weight yarn to an elastic hair tie. The thick ones work best!

Step Two:

Hdc around the hair tie until it's all the way covered up- at least 30 sts. Join to first hdc made with a sl st, ch 2.

Step Three:

Make four dc in each st around, join to first dc made and fasten off. Weave in ends securely and Boom!

Snaps to you! Enjoy embarrassing your children with your mad fashion sense, or impress your peeps with fresh new scrunchies for your whole crew! 

Peace-Out my Yomies!

(get it? Yomies, yarn-homies!) okay I'll stop now.

xo, Kip!

----end of 90's jargon use----