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Monday, March 27, 2017

Bitty Berries Coin Purse

Springtime is here! It's that magical time of year when crocheters start switching gears away from cold weather items. But what are you going to crochet if the leaves aren't falling or it's not snowing? Don't worry! I've got TONS of ideas and plans to make many fun free patterns to keep you crocheting all spring and summer.

You're going to get this lovely coin purse for starters, and as a bonus, I've just decided to make a matching checkbook cover! We're going to make some fun Easter bunny ears, a cute storage basket, a new headband, and crocheted stool covers for those kitchen bar stools- just to name a few. I'm not giving away all my secret plans, but I want you to rest assured, it will be a beautiful Spring/Summer season here at Haute Kippy!

I love textured crochet stitches, and next year, I plan to focus more on stitches and textures as I develop new patterns. There are often many different names for the same stitch, as terminology varies on opposite sides of the pond, throughout the internet, and over time with changing trends.

I've worked quite a bit in bobble stitch in the past. What differentiates bobble from berry is the cluster. When making a bobble, you are starting multiple double crochets in the same stitch, and then finishing the dc's like a decrease, pulling through all the loops on the hook.  Patterns such as my Pretty Little Purse, Pom Pom Boot Cuffs, and Kip's Bun Hat feature bobbles. They are fun to make and look super cute on accessories of all kinds!

For the Bitty Berry Coin Purse, we're working in the Berry Stitch. This differs from bobble by creating a small dainty bump texture that kind of looks like a blackberry. The berry is created when the wrong side of a triple crochet (abbreviated tr) is forced out behind your work when sandwiched between two single crochets on either side. So the pattern repeat for working berry stitch is: sc, *tr, sc*. Every tr becomes a berry, and the pattern becomes evident as you turn the work and repeat.

Yarns featured in photographs are Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn Neons in Pink Neon and Crafter's Secret in Pearl Fleck. We're going to work this purse in one piece, edge it, slip stitch the sides shut, sew on a button, weave in our ends and fill it up with all your loose change. Loose change is awful. It doesn't really fit in that tiny zippered pocket in your wallet. It makes wallets bulge and become too heavy. Loose change is all over the bottom of your purse, it's filling up your wristlet and becoming a total nuisance. You need a coin purse, or else you know someone who does.

Let's get started!

Bitty Berries Coin Purse Free Crochet Pattern

You may sell items made from this pattern, but you must credit Haute Kippy with the original design and provide my website for reference. You may not use my photographs to sell your items. Do not copy, distribute or repost this pattern in part or in whole, do not alter or redistribute this original work as your own. If you wish to share, you may link to my website only. Copying with intent to share is a form of theft and is a copyright infringement. Thanks for respecting my work!

Difficulty: Easy
Hook: E4/3.5mm
Yarn: any worsted
Notions: yarn needle, 1” button
Gauge: 4x4 berry repeats = 2” square
Measurements: 3.75” across, 2.5” tall

Special Stitches:
Berry Stitch *tr, sc* - triple crochet, single crochet, repeat
Sc2tog- single crochet two together, a single crochet decrease

Note: Purse is worked in one piece from bottom to top, the bottom is folded up to become the front of the purse and the top is folded down to become the closure flap. The purse is first edged, then folded and side seams slip stitched shut. A button is sewn onto the front to secure purse contents. E hook is a smaller hook that is usually sold separately from most hook sets. If you do not have an E, may substitute F or G but must crochet very tightly, purse will be slightly larger than given dimensions. Turning ch does not count as a st.

Coin Purse:

Chain 14
Row 1: sc into second ch from hook, and in each ch across, ch 1, turn. (13 sc)
Row 2: sc, *tr, sc*, repeat ** across, ch 1, turn. (6 berries made)
Row 3: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn. (13 sc)
Rows 4-9: repeat rows 2 and 3, three more times. (4 rows berries total)
Rows 10-13: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn.
Rows 14-21: repeat rows 2 and 3, four times. (4 more rows berries made)
Rows 22-24: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn.
Row 25: sc2tog, sc 9, sc2tog, ch 1, turn.
Row 26: sc2tog, sc 7, sc2tog, ch 1, turn.
Row 27: sc2tog, sc 5, sc2tog, ch 1, turn.
Row 28: sc2tog, sc 3, sc2tog, ch 1, turn.
Row 29: sc2tog, ch 3, sk next st, sc2tog, do not break yarn. (buttonhole made)


1. Pivot work to crochet along raw edge. Keep right side facing you. Sc evenly around entire raw edge of purse, making 1 sc in the end of each row. For the buttonhole, make 3 sc in the chain space of the hole. When you come to the bottom edge, sl st along the foundation row, then continue sc evenly along. Join the round when complete. Fo, weave in ends.

2. Fold bottom up to form front of purse, ensure berries are evenly aligned on front and back.

3. With front of purse facing, sl st sides of purse together by beginning at the corner, and sl st through both layers, up the side towards the flap, then sl st across the front of the front of the purses’ opening and back down the other side through both layers to the bottom of the purse.
Sew button on front of purse in the very center of the berry motif: 3 berries over and 2 berries down. Weave in any remaining ends.

Don't forget, there'll be a matching checkbook cover coming soon! If you are jonesing more beautiful berry patterns check out allfreecrochet.com to see what other designs you can make using the versatile and cute Berry Stitch. All Free Crochet is the ultimate resource for finding the newest and cutest crochet patterns, and they're always free!

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Enojoy this beautiful weather, go crochet outside! Take care,

xoxo - Bethany


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