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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Top 5 Must-Make Fall Crochet Patterns

This summer has been a total blast! From beach vacations, to family reunions, to at home high jinks we've been going on a non-stop whirlwind of fun! I have been mostly baking and cooking this past season, as you've seen from the numerous recipe posts. I do have a super family vacation t-shirt craft that I need to share, but other than that I've not been particularly crafty whilst the kids are out of school. I have been sewing for my cousin's wedding, but I hardly considering following a store bought Burda Flower Girl dress pattern as post-worthy. In preparation for said upcoming wedding, which takes place in mid-September, I feel more and more fall inspiration coming on. This is no surprise as our West Virginia mornings and evenings become progressively cooler and cooler. I know, we're all "pumpkin-ed out" and "Christmas is xx many days away". You may already be sick of it, seeing school supplies in Walmart since mid July and the fresh displays of Halloween candy popping up around every aisle. I'm annoyed sometimes at how early they put up future holiday displays, but these last few days I can't shake the feeling Fall is *almost* upon us. Then I think of my long lost love, my supportive old friend, my big chair sitting, blanket snuggling, favorite cold weather past time, CROCHET! To gently ease our spirits into fall-mode, I've assembled my top 5 new faves for crochet patterns. These are the gems I discovered, but never got to make last year, I consider these super cute accessories as must-haves for my upcoming fall wardrobe.

I discovered these patterns using a fabulous crocheter's tool: allfreecrochet.com. It is the ultimate free pattern resource. I applaud all those ladies out there selling their patterns on Etsy for $5.00 a pop, but I don't care to pay. I believe in free-love yarn, because sharing is caring!

And Now... The Countdown!


Image via Ball Hank n' Skein

Ball Hank n' Skein's Knee-High Boot Socks

These socks look so comfy, cozy and adorable I can't wait to make them. They look like they'd be perfect under wellies, or rain boots. You definitely need a nice thick sock to make those comfortable!


Image via Whistle & Ivy

Whistle & Ivy's Vintage Inspired Arm Warmers

These are totally adorable! I actually attempted them once, as a novice and really messed up. Now that I'm a more experienced crocheter, I need to give these their due. I also need to figure out how and where to wear them!


Image via Design Adventure

Design Adventure's Leg Warmers

Leg warmers... There's not much to say, except, I'm all about them! I think these would be super cute in ecru!


Image via Moogly Blog

Moogly's Luscious One Skein Cowl

This yarn color is a must-have! It's a beautiful variegated bulky yarn from Lion Brand's Unique line. The color is called grapevine. It's simply gorgeous with it's jewel tones, works up quickly and is just the right look for fall!


Image via allfreecrochet.com, courtesy of String with Style

Hooded Infinity Scarf

It just looks super cool. I'm intrigued by the idea, and I'd love to have one. It's my favorite idea and this will be my first new garment crocheted for the fall. That foam head is rockin' the look, I hope it looks as good when I make it, and that I can find ways to wear it!

Well, there you have it, 5 stylish and interesting pieces that would add to any fall wardrobe. I love just browsing new patterns and I love to envision these in all the different colors you could make them in. I hope you feel warm, cozy and inspired!

Happy hooking!

xo -Kip

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