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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Avery Headband

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Is it spring yet!? Here in WV we have been suffering from the world's longest winter. It's awful, we're almost half way through April and it's still snowing. I really hope that wherever you are warmer temperatures and sunshine are on the way!

In other news, Little One is getting ready to go to pre-K, and I am in total shock at how this is at all physically possible. In a few short months mommy's baby will go to school like a big kid. I don't know how I'm going to handle this- the milestone, the emotions, all the free time! Gee whiz, I might just have to crochet some more. Looks like big times ahead for this little blog, we'll wait and see what He wills!

Today we've got a sweet springtime headband. The Avery is worked in the same fun texture stitch as the Market Coin Purse. It also features fun and challenging third loop crochet for those beautiful knit look rounds! We're working in Hobby Lobby's soft and fluffy I Love This Yarn in Menthe.

I've included stitch counts to make four different sizes: baby, toddler, child and adult. Any pattern can be resized- that's what the gauge is for. You measure the person you want to fit, and use the gauge to tell you how many stitches to make per inch to fit that person. For ease of use, I've done the work for you on this pattern. Be sure to read all the pattern notes so you understand how to read this pattern with multiple sizes listed.

Let's Get Started! 

Avery Headband Free Crochet Pattern in Four Sizes!

If you would like to own a printer friendly PDF download of this pattern, it's available in my Ravelry Shop, simply click the buy now button to be redirected! Thank you for your support!

Hook: G6/4.5mm hook or H8/5mm, use whichever can achieve gauge

Yarn: 4 worsted/medium (I Love This Yarn in Menthe)
Gauge: 2” = 6 sts in hdc
Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Yarn needle
Finished Sizes: Baby- 16", Toddler- 18", Child- 20", Adult- 22" (apx before stretching)

Special Stitches:

(sc, hdc)- make both a sc and a hdc together in the same st, then skip the next stitch. When working subsequent round, be sure to work in the sc sts of previous round.

Fhdc- chainless foundation half double crochet: a surprisingly easy technique for making the foundation row of a garment without chaining. Many helpful tutorials available online.

Hdc in 3rd loop- half double crochet in the third loop: on the wrong side of hdc stitches, directly below the top “v” of the stitch, is a loop that looks like a long, slightly diagonal but horizontal bar. Make a normal hdc stitch in this loop, (instead of the “v” as normal). As you work, the “v” will push out sideways creating a “knit look” effect.

Note: Stitch Counts for different sizes are listed in pattern in ascending order as follows- B (T, C, A) for Baby, Toddler, Child, and Adult.


Round 1: fhdc 48 (54, 60, 66), join with a sl st to the first fhdc made, ch 1. {48 (54, 60, 66) sts}

Round 2: hdc in 3rd loop of each st around, join, ch 1. {48 (54, 60, 66) sts}

Round 3: hdc in 3rd loop of each st around, join, ch 2. {48 (54, 60, 66) sts}

Round 4: sk first st, (sc, hdc) in next st, *sk next st, (sc, hdc) in next st*, repeat ** around, join to first sc made, ch 1, TURN. {48 (54, 60, 66) sts}

Rounds 5-7: repeat round 4.

Round 8: hdc in each st around, join ch 1. {48 (54, 60, 66) sts}

Round 9: hdc in 3rd loop of each st around, join, ch 1. {48 (54, 60, 66) sts}

Round 10: hdc in 3rd loop of each st around, join, fasten off. {48 (54, 60, 66) sts}


Use starting tail to join outside edge of foundation row. Weave in ends.

Hope you enjoy this new headband design! Feel free to share pictures of your work on my Facebook page- and be sure to join our growing community!

If you'd like to make more headbands using free crochet patterns, visit my friends over at allfreecrochet.com, they have so many patterns to choose from and they are always 100% free! Lots of talented designers- including your's truly- upload new free crochet patterns to All Free Crochet every day! Check them out!

xo- Bethany


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