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Top 5 Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crocheted Hanging Towel

Hanging towels are nostalgic, useful and easy to make.

Everyone remembers hanging towels in the kitchen or bathroom of your grandmother's house, or maybe your mom had them too! They stay clean because they can't fall on the floor (or be constantly ripped down by toddlers on a rampage!) and their size makes them perfect for drying hands after washing.

I love to make these during the holidays, when the kitchen is the heart of every home and family gathering. I recently made four beautiful hanging towels for some very special ladies in my life, (you know who you are, so act surprised at Christmas!) and as I continued making them I perfected the technique and pattern with every towel. I knew I had to share this pattern just in time for gift giving fun!

Here is a simple and beautiful FREE pattern for making or gifting your own hanging towels. The surprise is you get two for the price of one! Each hand towel or kitchen towel is cut in half to make two hanging towels. Mix and match yarns to pair with the colors in the towel and you have a super cute necessity for every kitchen or bathroom!

Enjoy and don't hesitate to leave comments, offer improvements, or ask for clarification!

You can purchase, an easy to read, printer friendly, ad free version of this pattern in my etsy shop for just $1.50! Thanks- your support helps make more free crochet patterns possible!

Happy Holidays!

Hanging Towel Crochet Pattern

Do not share, copy, repost or reproduce this pattern in part or in full. By using my free pattern, you agree to always give credit to my original work and link to my blog when possible. You may sell items made from this pattern, but please be courteous, always credit Haute Kippy with the original design. Do not use my photos to sell your items.


steel hook #7
regular hook H8
worsted weight yarn
a kitchen or hand towel
yarn needle
1” - 2” button

Towel prep:

Cut towel in half, one whole towel yields two hanging towels.
Seal ends by overlock serging or zig-zag stitch over the edge.


Using steel hook, single crochet through towel at least ¼ inch from edge. Make at least 65-67 sc into towel. Working with the small hook and worsted yarn is tricky, but this size should go through the weave of the towel. Go slow at first and it will become easier. Space stitches evenly, and moderately close together.

Counting stitches is not important for this pattern as long as you make at least 65 sc into the towel as a foundation row. Pattern consists of rows of hdc followed by reducing rows of dc or tr.

On a dc or tr row, if one extra stitch is left at end of row, simply make one more stitch to finish the row. The extra stitch will not be noticed in the finished product and has no impact on the next or subsequent rows.

We will be reducing each dc/tr row as we go up by skipping stitches, and eventually by dc2tog as we get up to the part of the towel that wraps around the towel rod for hanging. (I refer to this as the  “wrap portion”) these rows are made in dc and the wrap is optimal at 7 dc wide. Depending on how many stitches are present at row 10, decreases may be necessary over the next one or two rows in order to get the wrap rows down to 7 dc wide.

My towel is 15” wide and contained 67 starting sc. I  ended up with 9 hdc by row 10. In row 11, the first and last two stitches of the row were dc2tog, to decrease the rows down to 7 stitches for the wrap portion of the towel. After 12 “wrap portion” rows, you will make one buttonhole row, followed by a decorative end row.

Row 1: Using steel hook, sc in even increments along the top of the towel approximately  ¼” from the edge. Make at least 65-67 sc, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: Switch to H hook, hdc in the first stitch *(first stitch means the same stitch as turning chain in this row and in each row throughout), hdc in each stitch across, ch 2 turn.

Row 3: dc into first stitch, dc into next stitch, skip 1 stitch, continue across making 2 dc and then skipping 1 stitch to end of row, ch 1, turn. *(be sure to read notes above about finishing rows if one extra stitch is present at row end.) (2 dc, sk 1, 2 dc, repeat)

Row 4: hdc in each stitch across, ch 3, turn.

Row 5: tr into first stitch, tr into next stitch, skip 1 stitch, continue across making 2 tr and then skipping 1 stitch to end of row, ch 1, turn. (2 tr, sk 1, 2 tr, repeat)

Row 6: hdc in each stitch across, ch 2, turn.

Row 7: dc into first stitch, skip 1 stitch, continue across and dc in every other stitch to end of row, ch 1, turn. (dc, sk 1, dc, repeat)

Row 8: hdc in each stitch across, ch 3, turn.

Row 9: tr into first stitch, skip 1 stitch, continue across and tr in every other stitch to end of row, ch 1, turn. (tr, sk 1, tr, repeat)

Row 10: hdc in each stitch across, ch 2, turn. Do not break yarn.

*At this point count your stitches. You may have 9 stitches or a couple more depending on how many stitches were made into the towel. The wrap section needs to be 7 dc across, so we will now decrease accordingly. For example: If you have 10 stitches in row 10, then dc2tog for the first two stitches of the row, 1 dc in each stitch across up to the last two stitches, then dc2tog in the last two stitches (8 total stitches made). Begin the next row with a dc2tog, then dc in each stitch across, giving you the magic number of 7. Work your decreases over row 11 (and 12 if necessary) as you see fit in order to begin making rows of 7 dc. The wrap portion of the towel needs to be at least 12 rows long. If your towel rack is wider, then increase the number of rows accordingly.

Row 11: *(If beginning with 9 stitches proceed as follows, if more, see note above for help decreasing down to 7 dc across) dc2tog in the first stitch, dc in each stitch across until you come to the last two stitches, dc2tog, ch 2, turn. (7 sts.)

Rows 12-22: dc in each stitch across, ch 2, turn. (7 dc) *if your towel rack is wider, add rows here to accommodate.

Row 23: *(buttonhole row) dc in the first stitch, dc in each of the next two stitches, ch 1, skip next stitch, dc in each of the last 3 stitches, ch 1, turn. (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc)

Row 24: *(decorative end) sc in each of the first two stitches, hdc in the next stitch, 3 dc in the chain stitch, hdc in the next stitch, sc in each of the last two stitches, fasten off, weave in ends. (9 stitches total: sc, sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc, sc)

Finishing: Sew button securely to center stitch on row 11. Hang and enjoy, or makes a great gift!

Care: Wash and dry according to yarn manufacturer's recommendations.

Original pattern “Crocheted Hanging Towel”’

copyright Haute Kippy by Bethany Sypolt 2015