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Friday, June 10, 2016

Pretty Little Purse

This pretty little purse is a fun use of the bobble stitch.

I decided I wanted to make a tiny coin purse to put in my bag. After searching, I found this adorable small coin purse by Laura Eccleston. Her coin purse is only 3.5" x 3". It is constructed in three separate pieces and was very fun to make.

Inspired by Laura's use of bobble stitch, I created my own new purse design. I wanted to make the purse all in one piece, from front to back. I later decided to add side panels for some volume and capacity. I suppose if you wanted to omit those pieces and just stitch it up the sides you could. If you try it that way, be sure to let me know what it looks like by sharing on my facebook page!

I was totally in love with the finished look, and I might make another one in mint with a longer strap for a cross body look. This was my first time crocheting any kind of strap or band other than chaining, and I heartily recommend watching Planet June's basic strap tutorial for some assistance with that part!

My daughter is a great little model!
The finished size of the purse came to 8" wide, 6 1/2" tall and 2 1/2" deep using an I9 hook. My strap as shown is 22" long. It could easily be sized up or down to suit your needs. I'd love so see this made with a bigger hook and two strands held together. What a great idea!

The bobbles are so fluffy and fun, it really is a cute look. Please enjoy this free pattern, and be sure to let me know how your purse turns out!

Pretty Little Purse Free Pattern:

Hook: I9/5.5mm
Yarn: Red Heart With Love or any worsted
Gauge: 14 sts, 14 rows in sc
Notions: Button, yarn needle
Difficulty: Intermediate

  1. Purse is constructed in four parts: body (one piece, bottom-up, in bobble stitch), sides (2 of the same), and strap.
  2. Bobble stitch is used on body of purse, followed by 2 dc. Instructions state to ch 1 at row ends. This is not a typo. Chaining 1 instead of 2 as normal reduces bulk on row ends, making both edges of purse look more even.
  3. Sides of purse are made by crocheting into both sides of a foundation chain. To eliminate holes in the center of the side pieces, crochet first into the back bump of the chain, then after pivoting work at chain end, crochet into the v’s of sts back up to top of chain.
  4. Strap is made with a basic cording technique, substitute for any type of strap and strap length desired.
  5. Finished Measurements: 8” wide, 6 ½” tall, and 2 ½” deep. Strap is 22” or make to desired length.
  6. To shrink or enlarge purse, change hook/yarn. Bobble pattern multiple is 3+3.

Special stitches:
Bobble- yo and insert hook into next st, draw up a loop, yo and draw through two loops, *yo insert hook into same st and draw up a loop, yo and draw through two loops* 4 more times, yo and pull through all 6 loops on hook. Bobble made. Bobbles appear on side of work facing away from you, this is normal.
Sc2tog- single crochet two together: insert hook into st, yo and draw up a loop, insert hook into next st, yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook. Single crochet decrease made. Sc2tog are used on the first two and last two sts of each row of purse flap at end of body.

Purse body:

Chain 24
Row 1: sc in second chain from hook and in each ch across, ch 1, turn.
Rows 2-5: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn.
Row 6: dc in each of the first 2 sts, *bobble in the next st, dc in each of the next 2 sts*, repeat* across, ch 1, turn.
Row 7: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn.
Rows 8-13: repeat rows 6 and 7 three more times. (front of purse made)
Rows 14-19: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn. (bottom of purse made)
Rows 20-29: repeat rows 6 and 7 five times. (back of purse made)
Rows 30-35: sc in each st across, ch 1, turn.(top of purse made)
Row 36: sc2tog in first two sts, sc in each st across to last two sts, sc2tog in last two sts, ch 1, turn.
Rows 37-41: repeat row 36 five times. (front flap made)
Row 42: sc2tog in first two sts, sc in each of the next 3 sts, ch 3, sk next st, sc in each of the next 3 sts, sc2tog. (buttonhole made)
Fo, weave in ends.

Purse sides:
*Make 2

Chain 16
Row 1: hdc in the back bump of the second ch from hook, hdc in the back bump of each of the next 14 chs, make 6 sc in last ch, pivot work and continuing along other side of beg ch, hdc in the v’s of each remaining st, ch 1, turn.
Row 2: hdc in each of next 14 sts, make 2 sc in each of the next 6 sts, hdc in each of the remaining sts. Fo, weave in ends.

Purse strap:

Leave a longer tail at your slip knot for sewing strap to purse later. Ch 2, sc in second ch from hook, pivot work, sc in vertical bar at back of st. The V of the st points to this bar, on this first st there will only by one bar from chaining. Subsequent sts will have two parallel bars. Pivot work again and sc in the two parallel vertical bars at the back of the st. Continue until strap is desired length.

Purse assembly:

Purse pieces are fastened together with single crochet. Line up the front of the purse with a side piece and sc evenly along the side of the purse body through both layers, using the stitches of the side piece as a guide. Continue along the rounded bottom, and up the back of the purse. When the base of the flap is reached, do not break yarn, but continue to sc evenly along the edge of the purse flap all the way to the buttonhole. Make 3 sc in the ch 3 loop of the buttonhole. Continue to sc evenly along the remaining edge of the flap to the flap’s base. Take the second side piece and line it up similarly, and sc it to the purse as before, ending at the purse front. Fo and weave in ends. Sew strap to sides of purse, securing them close to the base of the purse flap and weave in ends.

© Haute Kippy 2016

You may sell items made from this pattern, but please be courteous, always credit Haute Kippy with the original design and link to my blog when possible.

Original pattern Pretty Little Purse copyright Haute Kippy by Bethany Sypolt 2016

xo- Kip


  1. I am just curious, but the bobble instructions seem to be for a puff stitch and not a bobble. Isn't the bobble when you yo, insert hook, yo, pull through 2 loops the repeat several times?

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, sometimes bobble, puff or even popcorn stitch are terms used interchangeably. It's basically a dc5tog. I'm adding the missing part about pulling thru 2 loops into the instructions for the bobble.

  2. I'm having trouble with the bobble stitch. No matter how many times I try it I end up with way over 6 loops on my hook. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Susan, I've been looking over this pattern and it seems I have left off one part of the stitch instructions. I'm fixing it now. I'm sorry you had problems, but I'm glad it helped to improve the pattern! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Very cute purse.Looks easy to make. Love the color!