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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Camo Hunting Snood

Hey friends! This post will contain affiliate links, when you click them I get a small benefit that supports my blog and more free content!

The Camo Hunting Snood and Neck Gaiter was originally designed for my father-in-law. Last Christmas I made him one in bright orange for hunting. I had so much orange yarn left over. Did you know orange yarn is hard to find in just the right hue? Big Girl's former cheerleading squad had colors of orange and black. I know- Halloween is the first thought in your mind! It was in mine too. I really disliked it at first. But you know what was so funny about that? As the year went on and we got closer to our teammates and grew in camaraderie and team spirit, we came to truly LOVE those colors, it was black and orange every day! I made lots of team spirit headbands and sold them at football games. I also got a little over zealous in my search for the perfect hue of orange to match the team colors. I accumulated a little too much orange yarn and that is how the original hunting snood was born.

Where we live hunters are required to wear a certain amount of bright orange for safety, and I knew that my father in law only wore beanies and low collared shirts and coats. This left his neck open to the chill of winter winds. I designed this warming collar for him to be able to pull all the way up to his nose and tuck under the back of his hat and still be long enough to cover his neck deep into the collar of his coat or sweatshirt.

My husband said "It's a gaiter!" when he saw it. I had to google, and yes there are tight to the skin cowls that when worn up on the neck are called "neck gaiters". A gaiter on its own is actually worn on the ankles and protects pants and the top of boots from water. Well, when his dad surprised me by asking for a second snood/neck gaiter it dawned on me, I never wrote the pattern down the first time I made it! How silly of me! Necessity is the mother of invention, and everything- I mean everything- I design or create from scratch for someone I always write it down and blog it later. That's where 99% of my crochet patterns come from!

So saved from being lost to memory, here for you is the cowl/neck warmer/snood/gaiter/whateveryouwannnacallit that your favorite hunter has been waiting for. I didn't have a man handy when I was photographing this, so I just put it on and took selfies. But my husband has tried it on and guarantees that it is stretchy enough for him, his dad and just about any size man or woman.

If you like the look of the ribbed design, make it for a woman, make it in any color, size it down for a kid, add stripes, change yarns, get crazy! Half the fun of crocheting is the wonderful customization nature of it. You can make anything you like in any way you choose.

I worked in Red Heart Super Saver in Camouflage because camo-coloring was specifically requested of me. I think that this would look great in Red Heart's pink camo too, or any variegated for that matter.

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If you'd like to make another cowl after this one visit my friends at allfreecrochet.com and search their vast collection of free crochet patterns, where you're sure to find just the right project to fit your style, needs and difficulty level! They're the best!

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Let's Get Started!

Hook: I9/5.5mm
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Camouflage or any worsted (4-medium) weight yarn
Gauge: 4 rows, 7 sts = 2” square in hdc(blo)
Difficulty: Beginner
Materials: Tapestry Needle
Finished Size: 11.5” long and 8.25” wide (tube)

Special Stitches: BLO, working in the “Back Loop Only” - make indicated stitch in the back loop or the part of the “V” farthest from your body when looking at top of stitch. This creates a ribbing effect in the textile. 

Notes: Pattern is worked in rows, and garment is stitched up both side seams to form a tube. Follow gauge listed to replicate results photographed. Garment will be stretchy enough for a woman or a man, and will stretch more over time and use.


Chain 42
Row 1: hdc in third ch from hook, and in each ch across, ch 2, turn. (40 sts)
Row 2: hdc in blo of each st across, ch 2, turn. (40 sts)
Rows 3-35: repeat row 2. Do not break yarn at end of last row.


Fold garment in half lengthwise, matching up stitches from first and last rows. 
Ch 1, slip stitch across, through both layers (both sets of stitches) to join garment into a tube shape. (40 sl sts) Fasten off at end of row. Weave in ends.

Thanks for stitching with me, hope you enjoy this pattern! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

xo- Bethany


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