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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Girl Scout Trefoil

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On my honor...

Hey Friends! I'm a Girl Scout. Haven't I told you that before? That's right I'm a girl leadin', song singin', campin', craftin', SWAPn', cookie sellin' Girl Scout. I love Girl Scouts. I love the girls, I love the activities. I love the organization, I love the message and the mission.

By the way, if you NEED Girl Scout cookies but don't know any scouts, you can buy some here and have them shipped to you double quick! It's an amazing service!

I recently made a little something to include in a gift basket my local council was donating to a regional meeting. The basket was kitchen themed. Naturally they looked at me and said, "Will you crochet something?". Of course I would! I decided to make two hanging kitchen towels. I had some towels that had green polka dots on them which I thought nicely fit the GS theme. I cut them to size and edged them my handy dandy overlock serger. I then used my own Hanging Kitchen Towel crochet pattern to crochet the top of the towels.

They looked so cute, but needed a little 'something' to make them even more Girl Scout-y. I decided to make a Girl Scout Trefoil. What is a trefoil? It's a shape, with three rounded lobes. The Girl Scouts use a special trefoil with a three lobes and a pointed base as their main symbol. It looks like this:

Image result for trefoil

So I came up with a quick, easy and very cute crochet applique of the Girl Scout Trefoil symbol, and you can make one too! You can sew your trefoil onto any project and enjoy showing off your handmade Girl Scout pride.

Let's Get Started!

Girl Scout Trefoil Crochet Applique

Hook: H8/5mm
Yarn: medium (4) worsted weight
Gauge: none
Difficulty: easy
Materials: tapestry needle
Finished Size: 2.5” high, 2.5” across

Notes: The Trefoil is the emblem of Girl Scouts USA. Slightly resembling a four leaf clover, the trefoil is green in color and has three rounded leaves, and a pointed leaf at the bottom. This crochet applique can be sewn onto any garment or project. It can even be used as a do-it-yourself “fun patch” for the back of Girl Scout uniforms. 


Form a magic ring.

Round 1: hdc 10 into magic ring, join with a sl st, ch 1.

Round 2: (sc, dc) into same st as join, (dc, dc) into next st, (dc, sc) into next st, (top leaf made), (sc, dc, dc) into next st, (dc, dc, hdc) into next st (side leaf made), (sc, dc) in next st, (dc, tr, dc) into next st, (dc, sc) into next st (bottom lead made), (hdc, dc, dc) into next st, (dc, sc) into next st (second side leaf made), join to first sc with a sl st.


Leave a long tail for sewing if using applique on a crocheted project.
Pull starting tail tight, and weave in to permanently secure center. 
Applique can be sewn onto fabric with needle and thread, hot glued to craft projects or used creatively in any way desired. 
Weave in any remaining ends.

Enjoy this fun applique! 

xo- Bethany

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